Thursday, 18 May 2017

Local Perth Family OzShut Testimonial

Ozshut Deliver The Ideal Roller Shutter Outcome

A local Perth home owner has been gracious enough to take the time to share their Oz Shut Roller Shutter experience.  Alex & Sofia from Bibra Lake advised that they were on the fence about installing roller shutters for a considerable period of time in order to block out light and noise, in additon to increasing the securiyt level of their home.

These outcomes were achieved in additon to keeping their room a lot cooler, making life at home a lot more bearable.  Alex & Sofia were very impressed with the prompt service Oz Shut provided, with their rollershutter installation being completed a week after making the decision.

OzShut is very proud of their focus on customer service, and their abilty to produce great restults in a very timely fashion.

You can read the testimonail from Alex & Sofia here

ozshut install before
Prior to Ozshut rollershutter installation

ozshut install after
After the Oz Shut rollershutter installation